Synthesis and Characterization of Co-doped CeO2 Ceramic Electrolyte for IT-SOFC

Document Type: Research Paper


1 Department of Energy System Engineering, Kahramanmaras İstiklal University, Kahramanmaras/Turkey

2 Institute of Science, Material Science and Engineering, 1KahramanmaraşSütçü İmam University,Kahramanmaraş, 46050, Turkey



Solid oxide fuel cells are electrochemical systems. One of the most important compounds in their structure is the ceramic electrolyte. The ceramic electrolyte property of the CeO2 compound is being investigated. In this study, it was tried to synthesize different CeO2 compounds.Ce0.85-x-yLaxGdyO2 nanocrystalline powders were prepared via the hydrothermal method. Phases identification has been made through X-ray diffraction, SEM-EDS, thermal and impedance analysis. XRD data show that all powders were obtained with a cubic fluorite structure. When the surface images were examined, it was seen that the particle sizes were on the micron scale. Also, impedance measurements of the pelletized sample were made. The powder of Ce0.85-x-yLaxGdyO2 was sintered at 1250 ° C. Increased conductivity value was calculated with increasing temperature. The best conductivity was observed at 750 oC and conductivity value was 0.0022 obtained findings indicated that the degree of electrical conductivity was found low regarding the applications in intermediate temperature solid oxide fuel cells.


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