Aims and Scope


The Journal of Hydrogen, Fuel cell and Energy Storage is a multidisciplinary journal for academics in universities, research institutes and various energy-related industries. Peer reviewed, original research papers and short communications and reviews are published in this journal. Topics briefly include the following.

1-    Hydrogen production

2-    Green hydrogen

3-    Hydrogen storage

4-    Liquid and solid hydrogen carriers

5-    Environmental, economic and enabling aspects

6-    Modelling and analysis

7-    Synthesis and characterization of related materials

8-    Electric grid integration, system integration, management and sizing strategies

9-    Energy storage developments

10-  Mechanical, chemical, electrochemical, thermal and electrical energy storage

11-  Storage of renewable energy

12-  Boats and ships, and aircrafts

13-  Portable electronics

14-  Battery industry including Materials and Fabrication

15-  Clean energy for Heavy truck vehicle

16-  Fuel Cell Systems

17-  Materials for fuel cells